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Rob is currently a Professor in the Sociology Department at Surrey. He joined the University of Surrey in 1999 to work at the Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit, before moving to the Sociology Department in 2003. He is international known for his sociological work on sleep – including links with technology and recovery. He is currently a co-Editor of the journal Sociology, sits on NIHR funding panels and is co-recorder of the Sociology and Social Policy section of the British Science Association.


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Are chatbots the answer to minimising inequalities in treatment access?


Robert Meadows considers the findings of a recent paper on the use of artificial intelligence chatbots in increasing self-referrals to mental health services.

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What do users think about mental health chatbots?

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Rob Meadows and Christine Hine consider the findings of a recent scoping review of the perceptions and opinions of patients about mental health chatbots.

They also present their own ongoing sociological study on the everyday use of mental health chatbots.

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