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Christine Hine is Professor of Sociology at the University of Surrey. She has a long-standing focus on the role played by new technologies in the knowledge construction process and on research methods in relation to digital phenomena. She is author of Virtual Ethnography (2000, Sage), Ethnography for the Internet (2015, Bloomsbury) and Understanding Qualitative Research: The Internet (2012, Oxford University Press), editor of Virtual Methods (2005, Berg) and co-editor of Digital Methods for Social Science (2016, Palgrave). She is co-editor of a collection on Research Methods for Digital Work and Organizations (Oxford University Press) together with Gillian Symon and Katrina Pritchard. She is currently engaged in researching the ethics of smart care technologies for people living with long term conditions such as dementia and in researching the user experience of chatbots for mental health and wellbeing.


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What do users think about mental health chatbots?

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Rob Meadows and Christine Hine consider the findings of a recent scoping review of the perceptions and opinions of patients about mental health chatbots.

They also present their own ongoing sociological study on the everyday use of mental health chatbots.

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