Rebecca Syed

Rebecca Syed
Rebecca is a researcher at King's College London. Her research has included risky driving in the military and the benefits of health links. Her research skills include qualitative analysis, surveying and systematic reviewing, international health and medical education. She has worked as a consultant psychiatrist and is currently an editor for the Cochrane Schizophrenia Group.


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Compulsory community treatment results in no significant difference in service use, social functioning or quality of life


Rebecca Syed appraises and summarises an updated Cochrane review of compulsory community treatment and involuntary outpatient treatment for people with severe mental disorders. The review finds just 3 trials, which show that CCT results in no significant difference in service use, social functioning or quality of life.

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Systematic review finds no good evidence to restrict the freedom of people with mental health problems


Compulsory community treatment (CCT) is a method used in many industrialized nations, including the UK and Australia, that allows clinicians to legally oblige those with severe mental illness to comply with treatment in the community and can allow clinicians to recall them to hospital merely because they are not compliant with an aspect of treatment [read the full story…]

Are you really at risk of attack by someone with schizophrenia?

Do not cross

By Rebecca Syed, King’s College London.  A violent attack by someone who is mentally ill quickly grabs the headlines. And it’s usually implied that mental illnesses are a preventable cause of violent crime. Tackle that and we can all sleep safer in our beds. But by pressuring mental health services to focus on the risk [read the full story…]