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Penelope Zoe is a newly qualified doctor from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Alongside her medical degree, she has obtained a BSc (Intercalated) in Global Public Health. Her research project focused on the Health Governance of the Syrian Refugee Crisis and she explored the role of NGOs in provision of mental health and support services. She is passionate about tennis (go Roger!) and enjoys sailing. Penelope's interests include affective disorders, organic disease and mental health, migration and social determinants of health, COVID-19 pandemic impact involving experiences of medical students, trainee doctors, consultants.


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Mental health services for medical students: are specialist university-based student mental health services the answer?


Penelope Stavrou summarises a recent study on mental health services for medical students, which evaluates a clinical student mental health service in Cambridge.

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Trainee doctors’ attitudes to mental illness among their peers

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Penelope Zoe Stavrou summarises a recent qualitative study exploring UK trainee doctors’ attitudes to mental illness among their peers and their access to support services.

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