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I am currently a student researcher at Glasgow Caledonian University. My research area is examining ways to improve the management of patients suffering with fibromyalgia. Prior to this I completed my BSc and MSc at Teesside University in Sports Therapy and Advanced Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Science respectively. When not in the university I am a full time Sports Therapist I currently own and practice out of Sports Injury Scotland, based within Run4It in Glasgow. Other research interests include running injuries, biomechanical imbalances and strength and conditioning.


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Mindfulness on physical symptoms and psychological distress in patients with fibromyalgia


In a recent blog, we looked at whether exercise affects aerobic function in fibromyalgia (FM) patients. While the review found improvements it was difficult to determine what outcomes improved due to poor reporting. Pain is the hallmark symptom for FM sufferers and it is essential that the principle aim of any intervention is to reduce [read the full story…]

Exercise for depression in adults with rheumatic diseases


In her first blog for the Musculoskeletal Elf, Pamela Andrews a sports therapist and a PhD candidate at Glasgow Caledonian University discusses a recent systematic reiew of meta-analyses evaluating the effectiveness of exercise for depression in adults with arthritis, fibromyalgia and other rheumatic diseases.

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