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Keir Harding is an Occupational Therapist and DBT therapist who specialises in working with people with difficulties often labelled as personality disorder. Keir has worked in mental health for 15 years and is currently completing his MSc in Working with People with Personality Disorder, researching how teams can deliver more effective care while saving money. His chapter “Working with People with Personality Disorder” was published in Diverse Roles for Occupational Therapists in 2016. Keir writes deliberately provocative blogs at the website below. You can follow him on Twitter @Keirwales


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Psychodynamic programmes for personality disorders: residential versus community treatment


Keir Harding explores a recent study of community-based, step-down, and residential specialist psychodynamic programmes for personality disorders, which includes some surprising findings.

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The state of personality disorder services in England #bigspd17


Keir Harding publishes his debut elf blog on a recent national survey of personality disorder services, which finds continued exclusion, variability of practice and inconsistencies in the availability of services across England.

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