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Dr Jill Domoney is a clinical psychologist and postdoctoral researcher based at the Section of Women’s Mental Health in the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London. She specialises in perinatal and infant mental health and the links between mental health and trauma. Her research interests include developing interventions for perinatal mental health difficulties, evaluating health services responses to violence and mental health, and exploring the impact of trauma on relationships. She is a member of the Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network and a Churchill Fellow. Jill is also the founder of The Yoga Psychology Centre, which aims to bring together the practices and teachings of psychology and yoga for better mental health.


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Perinatal loss and mental health: are psychosocial interventions beneficial for parents?


Jill Domoney explores a recent review, which suggests that psychosocial interventions may improve depression, anxiety, and grief amongst parents suffering from perinatal loss.

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Rumination and postnatal depression: a systematic review and cognitive model


Jill Domoney publishes her debut Mental Ef blog on a recent systematic review focusing on the perinatal period, which includes a new cognitive model of rumination and postnatal depression.

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