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India is a Research Assistant in the Suicide Prevention team at Orygen/Centre for Youth Mental Health, The University of Melbourne. Her research to date has qualitatively examined young people’s experiences of mental health treatment in a variety of settings, including in primary care, Emergency Departments, and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). India’s other major projects include trials evaluating a suicide alertness and online CBT program for young people in secondary schools and a social media-based intervention, developing clinical guidelines to better integrate digital interventions for suicide and self-harm into care for young people, and informing suicide prevention policies with lived experience consultation. India has a strong interest in youth mental health and in ensuring young people’s needs are supported throughout the transition to adulthood.


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Young people’s experiences of suicidal distress in their own words


India Bellairs-Walsh summarise a Scottish qualitative study of young people’s lived experiences of suicide and self-harm, which explores intention, rationality and authenticity, and has many implications for practice.

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New research suggests that youth suicide attempts can result in later-life economic and social disadvantages

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In her debut blog, India Bellairs-Walsh summarises a recent population-based cohort study investigating the long-term economic and social outcomes of youth suicide attempts.

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