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India is a Research Assistant in the Suicide Prevention team at Orygen/Centre for Youth Mental Health, The University of Melbourne, and has worked in this role since January 2019 after completing her Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours. India has a strong interest in youth mental health and in ensuring young people’s needs are supported throughout the transition to adulthood. Her research to date has qualitatively examined young people’s experiences of mental health treatment in a variety of service settings, including in primary care, Emergency Departments, and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). India’s other projects include evaluating a suicide alertness program for young people in secondary schools, developing guidelines to better integrate digital interventions for suicide and self-harm into standard care for young people, and informing suicide prevention policies with lived experience consultation. India is also interested in youth mental healthcare, adolescents, LGBTQIA+, health services research, social determinants and primary care.


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New research suggests that youth suicide attempts can result in later-life economic and social disadvantages

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In her debut blog, India Bellairs-Walsh summarises a recent population-based cohort study investigating the long-term economic and social outcomes of youth suicide attempts.

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