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Genevieve completed an MA (Hons.) in Psychology at the University of St Andrews before starting a PhD in Psychological Medicine at the University of Glasgow. Her research focuses on the impact of transition on mental health and well-being in young people with learning disabilities. She also works as an Occupational Therapist Assistant with a young person with learning disabilities.


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Challenging behaviours in adults with intellectual disabilities linked to injury in their carers?


Genevieve Young Southward takes a look at a recent study on the incidence, types and causes of injury in family and paid carers of adults with intellectual disabilities in Scotland.

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Is inclusion optimal? Irish students with special education needs are turning away from mainstream schools in favour of special education

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Figures suggest an increasing trend for students to transfer from mainstream to special education settings in Ireland.

Here, Genevieve Young Southward looks a questionnaire survey of principals of special education settings which suggests some explanations.

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Better training for medical students can combat health inequalities for people with learning disabilities

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People with learning disabilities experience health inequalities and can face significant barriers in accessing healthcare. Whilst doctors have traditionally received little specific training in this area, there are increasingly new initiatives aimed at changing attitudes and improving knowledge and skills.

Here, in her debut blog, Genevieve Young Southward looks at an Australian initiative that aimed to involve people with disabilities directly in the training of medical students.

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