Aliya Ayub

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Aliya Ayub, a determined public health professional from Pakistan, overcame cultural and financial challenges to pursue education in physical medicine, rehabilitation sciences, and public health. Fueled by curiosity about disabilities and chronic diseases, she found her passion in disease prevention and policy development. Aliya demonstrated resilience by working in telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic and contributing to initiatives like the Social Health Protection Initiative. Currently, she serves as a Research Associate at the University of York, in collaborative projects focusing on tuberculosis, mental health, diabetes, and depression. Committed to community well-being, she engages in volunteer work and organizes awareness events. Aliya has presented her research both nationally and internationally, and her life motto is "improving health for all."


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Tuberculosis and depression: multimorbidities are a global health challenge


A team of experts from the Global NIHR Centre for IMPACT consider the findings of a recent meta review, which looks at the prevalence and risks of tuberculosis multimorbidity in low-income and middle-income countries.

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Finding balance: managing diabetes and depression with physical activity


Aliya Ayub explores a systematic review and meta-analysis on the effectiveness of physical activity interventions for the management of depression symptoms and glycaemic control in people with depression and type 2 diabetes.

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