Behçet’s disease: review found insufficient evidence to support or refute interventions for oral ulceration


This review focuses on the treatment of oral ulceration in Behçet’s disease, 15 trials examining 13 different interventions were found. There was insufficient evidence to support or refute the use of any included intervention with regard to pain, episode duration, or episode frequency associated with oral ulcers, or safety of the interventions.

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New Cochrane Protocol March 2014


The latest Cochrane protocol from the Oral Health Group to be published is planning to look at the clinical effectiveness and safety of interventions in the pain, episode duration and episode frequency of oral ulcers and any change in the quality of life for patients with aphthous-type ulceration associated with Behçet’s disease. Behçet’s disease is [read the full story…]

Triester glycerol oxide gel not effective for ulcers following placement of complete dentures


The aim of this trial was to assess the efficacy of a topical gel with triester glycerol oxide for treating ulcerations related to new complete dentures was studied and compared with a placebo gel. Fifty edentulous patients who received new maxillary and mandibular complete dentures were enrolled in this double-blind clinical study. Twenty-five patients received [read the full story…]