Mini-screw implants for orthodontic anchorage


14 studies, 7 of which were RCTs were included in this review of min-screw implants to prevent anchorage loss during orthodontic treatment. The findings suggest a small but clinically important reducing in anchorage with mini-screw use. However more high quality studies and information on adverse effects is needed.

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Complete overdentures retained by mini implants.


Mark-Steven Howe looks at a review of complete overdentures supported on mini-implants. Although 24 studies are included the majority are small and short term so while good overall overdenture survival was seen the results should be interpreted with caution.

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Review suggests that surgical anchorage is more effective than conventional anchorage for orthodontic treatment


This recent update of a Cochrane review considers the question as to whether surgical or conventional anchorage is more effective. Surgical anchorage was more effective but there is limited information on patient reported outcomes such as pain.

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Critical summaries from the American Dental Association-Center for Evidence-based Dentistry-Jan 2013


A number of new critical summaries have been made available on the ADE-EBD website of the past few weeks. The first is an appraisal of a 2010 review by Martínez-Maestre et al. that looked at the association between dental bone loss and systemic osteoporosis.  The reviewer highlighted that this was a weak review of observational [read the full story…]

No robust evidence to indicate maximum insertion torque levels for orthodontic mini-implants


Yesterday (Dental Elf 13th Nov 2012) we looked at a systematic review assessing failure rates of mini-screw implants for orthodontic anchorage.  Today we are looking at a review consider whether recommended maximum insertion torque values of 5 to 10 Ncm were associated with higher success rates of orthodontic mini-implants than those inserted with torque values [read the full story…]

Review suggests a modest failure rate for orthodontic mini-screws used for anchorage reinforcement

iStock_000002551343XSmall colourful braces on teeth

Orthodontic mini-screw implants have become a popular method of providing anchorage reinforcement during orthodontic treatment.  The aim of this review was to assess the failure rates for mini-screw implants used for orthodontic anchorage purposes and to identify any significant risk factors possibly affecting these failure rates. A wide range of databases (19 in all) were [read the full story…]