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Paul has been working with adults with a Learning Disability for over 15 years. Currently he is a Senior Community Support Worker at a day centre in Croydon working with adults with a range of abilities and support needs, including PMLD and challenging behaviour. He has a particular interest in communication difficulties and Intensive Interaction. He has a Diploma in Management Studies and a Chemistry degree.


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Affect attunement: adding to practice?

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Affect attunement has been described in the literature as reflecting back emotions and feelings projected by a person in order to create a connection.

Here Paul Barnard looks at a paper exploring ways in which support workers might be using this approach in their work with people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

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Challenging behaviour in profound & multiple learning disabilities: is support well planned and documented?


The lives of some people with profound and multiple learning disabilities are affected by challenging behaviours, which include self-injurious, stereotypical, destructive, or aggressive behaviours.

Here in his debut blog, Paul Barnard looks at a study from the Netherlands which looked at whether challenging behaviour was being addressed formally in day to day practice.

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