Photodynamic therapy for oral lichen planus?

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This review of photodynamic therapy (PDT) for management of symptomatic of oral lichen planus included 5 small studies of limited quality that suggest PDT may be beneficial.

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Laser therapy for oral lichen planus


This review comparing low level laser therapy (LLLT) with steroids for the treatment of oral lichen planus only identified 5 studies none of which were at low risk of bias. Further high quality trials are needed to assess the efficacy of LLLT.

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Small study suggests that low-level laser therapy may have some benefit in treatment oral lichen planus


Oral Lichen Planus (OLP) is a common chronic immunological disease the treatment of which remains a challenge for clinicians.  Two Cochrane reviews  have recently been published regarding the treatment of OLP (Chang et al 2012 and Thongorasom et al 2011 ). The quality of evidence for treatments for OLP is weak, but topical steroids are [read the full story…]

Only weak evidence of the effectiveness of any treatments for erosive lichen planus


Lichen planus (LP) is an inflammatory condition that affects the skin and the squamous epithelium of mucosal surfaces lining the mouth, ears, eyes, and nose as well as the gastrointestinal and anogenital tracts. Two main patterns of inflammation are described:  the plaque (raised) type and the erosive (raw) type, although bullous, blistering, or hypertrophic (thickened)types [read the full story…]