What is the evidence for evidence-based guidelines?


Andrew Shepherd returns to the woodland with a blog about the evidence-practice gap in specialist mental healthcare; highlighting a recent systematic review and meta-analysis of guideline implementation studies.

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What impact do guidelines actually have on patient outcomes for people with schizophrenia?


Using research findings to improve care in mental health should be easy. Notice an understudied area, do a study on it, write a guideline based on your results and watch mental health professionals modify their practice accordingly. Hooray for science. But in reality, this process is convoluted and murky. Though we’re fairly good at churning out [read the full story…]

Web portal helps paediatricians adhere to ADHD guidelines, according to randomised controlled trial


Mental health is an area where a lot of evidence-based guidelines now exist. A lack of evidence isn’t always the problem. In some cases, one of the key issues is that clinicians don’t adhere to the guidelines. The reasons for this can be many and varied: because they don’t know about the guidelines, because it’s [read the full story…]