Prevention toolkit from Public Health England


Public Health England has just launched the third edition of the evidence-based toolkit for prevention. The first edition was published in 2007 and is considered to have been important in ensuring consistency of advice delivered as part of preventive treatment plans.   Within England it has also helped inform commissioners develop dental contracts that encourage prevention.

This version of the full toolkit is a larger document that the previous version. All the summary tables have been reviewed and revised. The section on periodontal disease has had significant revision. The sections on smoking and tobacco use and alcohol misuse and oral health have been revised and extended. The section on the prevention of erosion has been replaced with one on the prevention of pathological tooth wear with additional information.  The final section of the document contains a new section on helping patients to change their behaviour.

In addition to the main document the summary guidance tables are available. These cover prevention of caries, periodontal disease, oral cancer and erosion/toothwear. As well as advice and action related to alcohol, and tobacco use and healthier eating.

The table clearly lays out advice that should be given to patients as well as interventions that can be undertaken by dental professionals.

Note:- Derek Richards was a member of the expert group developing this document.


Delivering Better Oral Health: An evidence-based toolkit for prevention.


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