Trish Darcy

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Trish is a Research Associate with the Mental Health and Addiction Research Group in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York. She is part of the evaluation team for the ‘Humber and North Yorkshire green social prescribing programme’, which is one of seven ‘test and learn’ sites for Green Social Prescribing being funded across England. Her research interests include natural environments and health, urban greenspaces, health inequalities, Patient and Public Involvement (PPI). She is also undertaking her PhD in natural environments and health, which is exploring how nature and natural environments can support people living with long-term conditions.


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Extreme ambient heat linked to increased mental health emergencies, according to new US nationwide study


Trish Darcy and Peter Coventry consider a novel US research study on climate change, ambient heat, and the links to increased mental health-related emergency visits.

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