Suzy Ker

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Suzy is a psychiatrist working in a community mental health team for working age adults in York. Her research interests include addressing the inequalities that people with severe mental illness can experience, especially at the interface of physical and mental health, smoking cessation and vaping to support cessation for those with SMI, exercise and mental health.


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Is High Intensity Interval Training a HIIT for psychiatric inpatients?


Suzy Ker and Garry Tew consider a qualitative study exploring patient, carer and staff perspectives on implementing High Intensity Interval Training for service users in inpatient mental health settings.

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Choosing between antipsychotics to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women with schizophrenia


Peter Knapp and Suzy Ker review a recent study from Finland, which suggests that women with schizophrenia who take prolactin-increasing antipsychotics for at least five years, have an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

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