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Rebecca graduated from Dundee University in 2015 and has spent several years working in general practice, in both Scotland and New Zealand. Rebecca is currently working as a DCT1 in the Public Dental Service in Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Rebecca attained her masters degree in public health from the University of Glasgow in 2022 and has a keen interest in research, dental public health, and working with socially excluded groups.


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Refugee dental care – factors associated with access


In this new blog Rrbecca Manson looks at a review of the factors associated with determining access to dental care among refugees worldwide. Nine observational studies were included and a number of factors influencing access at an individual level are identified.

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Does animal-assisted therapy help reduce dental anxiety?


In this blog Rebecca Manson considers a systematic review assessing whether the use of animal-assisted therapy helps reduce anxiety during dental care in children and adolescents.

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Geographic tongue – global prevalence

geographic tongue

In this blog Rebecca Manson takes a look at a review assessing the global prevalence of geographic tongue. 14 studies were included suggesting a prevalence of 3% (95%CI 0.4% to 5.5%)

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Bioactive glass and hydroxyapatite to occlude dentinal tubules


In her first blog for the Dental Elf Rebecca Manson takes a look at an in-vitro review of bioactive glass and hydroxyapatite for the occlusion of dentinal tubules. The findings provide some evidence that that bioactive glass/hydroxyapatite are effective in occluding dentinal tubules in an in-vitro setting. Well conducted long term clinical trials are needed to assess effectiveness in a clinical setting.

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