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Rachel is a Clinical Psychologist and Research Fellow. She has a specialist interest in psychosis and in posttraumatic mental health, having worked clinically in a specialist traumatic stress clinic and in early intervention in psychosis services in London. Rachel currently works as a Research Fellow at Phoenix Australia: Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health, The University of Melbourne. She works across research, policy and service development projects in the area of posttraumatic mental health. Rachel also runs her own private practice in Melbourne, working with people experiencing emotional difficulties following traumatic events.


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Early intervention in psychosis: how long is long enough?


Rachel Brand looks at a recent RCT which investigates the optimal duration of an early intervention in psychosis programme for young people in Hong Kong.

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Is exposure necessary to treat PTSD?


Rachel Brand appraises an RCT of interpersonal psychotherapy for PTSD, which asks if exposure to trauma related memories or cues is necessary for the patient to be treated effectively.

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Trauma-focused psychotherapies for PTSD in people with experiences of psychosis: A change in the status quo?


Clinical Psychologist and Researcher Rachel Brand publishes her debut blog on a recent RCT of Prolonged Esposure vs Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing vs Waiting List for patients with PTSD and psychosis.

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