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Noortje works for the Cochrane Common Mental Disorder group at the University of York on a portfolio of systematic reviews and projects relating to psychological treatments for depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, global mental health, health inequalities, and comorbidity of mental and physical health. Previously Noortje worked with the Born in Bradford study and Better Start Bradford project on research in cohort studies and systematic reviews, relating to maternal and child health and the implementation and evaluation of early years interventions. Noortje is interested in applying a health inequality perspective to evidence in the field of mental health.


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Determinants of mental health: a briefing from the Commission for Equality in Mental Health


Noortje Uphoff summarises a briefing from the Commission for Equality in Mental Health, which outlines how people from disadvantaged groups are more likely to be exposed to the factors that have a negative impact on our mental health.

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The burden of mortality and morbidity carried by marginalised populations


Noortje Uphoff appraises a systematic review and meta-analysis of morbidity and mortality in homeless individuals, prisoners, sex workers and individuals with substance use disorders in high-income countries.

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Inclusion health: a new perspective on health inequalities?


Noortje Uphoff writes her debut elf blog on a recent paper in The Lancet, which looks at what works in inclusion health; providing an overview of effective interventions for marginalised and excluded populations.

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