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Megan is a PhD student in the Emotional Development Intervention and Treatment Lab (EDIT Lab) at King’s College London. She is interested in depression and anxiety, specifically, what predicts patient outcomes after psychological therapy and how genetic variation is involved in this. Her research methods are primarily statistical analyses of large data sets which include clinical, demographic and genetic information. She is currently working on two national projects led by her supervisors Professor Thalia Eley and Dr Gerome Breen: the Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression Study and the Talking Therapies Research Resource. Her PhD is funded by the NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre.


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Genetic predictors of depression trajectories in adolescence


Megan Skelton explores a study that uses polygenic scores in the context of longitudinal developmental data, to characterise developmental trajectories and the role of neuropsychiatric genetic risk variants in early-onset depression.

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