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Lydia was awarded first class honours for a 4-year BSc in Psychology at the University of Bath in 2006, including a one year academic placement in neuropsychiatry at Hunter New England Mental Health in Newcastle, Australia. On graduation, Lydia worked as a rehabilitation assistant for Headway, a brain injury organisation. In 2007/8 she undertook an MSc in Health Psychology at the University of London (KCL and UCL) for which she was awarded a distinction. Lydia secured funding for this Master’s with a scholarship awarded by the Medical Research Council. Lydia worked as a research assistant in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at UCL for a year following the completion of her MSc. In 2009 she was awarded a studentship from the British Heart Foundation for the PhD research project. The aim of her PhD was to examine the effect of biological processes involved in recovery from cardiac surgery using a longitudinal design. Having completed her PhD in 2012, she gained a fellowship under the ESRC Future Leader scheme allowing her to investigate the psychobiology of depression across multiple physical illnesses. She has recently joined Dr Amitava Banerjee’s team at UCL to work on a mixed methods project to investigate barriers to uptake of digital interventions among ethnic minority cardiometabolic disease patients. Her research interests include depression, anxiety, mental health, wellbeing, stress, long-term conditions, chronic illness, diabetes, coronary heart diseases, multimorbidity, psychobiology, epidemiology, laboratory stress studies.


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Metacognitive therapy for depressive symptoms in cardiac patients: new findings from the PATHWAY trial

Human brain creativity vs logic chaos and order a continuous line drawing concept, organised vs disorganised left and right brain hemispheres as a chaos theory metaphor, one line vector illustration

Lydia Poole reviews a recent randomised controlled trial evaluating group metacognitive therapy for depression and anxiety in cardiac patients.

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Multimorbidity: does depression predict the onset of physical illness?


Lydia Poole reviews a recent Canadian study examining depression as a risk factor for physical illness and multimorbidity in a cohort with no prior comorbidity.

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