Kathryn Walsh

Kathryn Walsh
Kathryn is a research associate at the University of Birmingham. She has a particular interest in substance use and mental health, and is currently working on a trial looking at a brief intervention for substance use within mental health inpatient units.


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Community treatment orders fail to reduce psychiatric readmissions for people with psychosis


Community treatment orders (CTO’s) provide compulsory supervision outside of psychiatric hospital. They require patients to accept clinical monitoring in the community and enable them to be recalled to hospital for assessment if necessary. They do not authorise forcible treatment; however whilst on a CTO a patient may be ordered to meet certain requirements, such as [read the full story…]

Meta-analysis finds insufficient evidence for treatments to improve insight for people with psychosis

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Research suggests that many people with schizophrenia or related psychoses show a striking lack of insight into their condition (Dam, 2006). Poor insight can have a negative impact on several outcomes, including general adjustment (Stefanopoulou et al., 2009), quality of life (Drake et al., 2007), social functioning (Drake et al., 2007) and rehospitalisation. With this [read the full story…]