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Jonathon Tomlinson has been a full-time NHS GP in Hackney, London since 2001 with time out for voluntary work in Afghanistan in 2003/04 and an academic fellowship in 2014-6 He has an MA in Human Values and Contemporary Global Ethics and a PGCert in Medical Education. He has special interests in the social determinants of health, patient advocacy and the relationships between doctors and patients. He is author of on how issues such as choice, kindness, shame and loneliness impact on patients and doctors.


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Higher doses of antidepressants “not optimal”, according to new review


Jonathon Tomlinson considers his options as a GP supporting people with depression and complex needs, after reading a new systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis, which suggests that higher doses of antidepressants bring maximum side effects with only marginal gains.

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