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Heather has an educational background in Applied Psychology and Brain Sciences, as well as a professional background working with clinical populations as both a researcher investigating brain imaging techniques for pre-clinical psychosis and as a CBT clinician supporting patients with affective disorders and/ or neurocognitive diagnoses. Currently Heather is involved in a number of research studies including suicide prevention, supports for brain injury patients and her ongoing doctoral thesis explores self-concept in relation to suicide risk.


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Having a sense of purpose is associated with reduced loneliness


Heather McClelland explores a meta-analysis of cross-sectional and longitudinal data, which found a strong association between having a sense of purpose in life and reduced feelings of loneliness.

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Loneliness in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic: All the lonely people, where [in Canada] do they all come from?


Heather McClelland reviews a recent study which explores who is most likely to experience loneliness in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Moral injury: the overlooked stressor of the NHS


Heather McClelland summarises a recent BMJ article by Prof Neil Greenberg and colleagues, which looks to prevent moral injury and promote psychological growth in NHS staff working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Time to research wider community approaches to reducing social isolation?


Heather McClelland writes her debut blog on a recent systematic review looking at the effectiveness of interventions aiming to reduce loneliness and social isolation.

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