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Ed is NIHR funded Academic Clinical Fellow and a Wellcome Trust funded Midlands Mental Health and Neuroscience Doctoral Training Program PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham. His work combines both training and clinical practice in Psychiatry alongside academic research. Currently doing his PhD full time, the focus of his research is using neuroimaging to better understand the role of inflammation in early psychosis and the development of novel treatments for psychosis. Ed also has research interests in Psychedelic-Psychopharmacology and Bioethics. He sits on the Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Clinical Ethics committee and is Vice Chair of Trustee for Tourettes Action UK, where he is passionate about raising awareness about Tourettes, improving access to services and empowering people with Tourettes and other neurodiversities in the workplace.


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Genetic risk for Tourette Syndrome and related conditions


Ed Palmer considers new research on the genetic risk for Tourette Syndrome and it’s relationship to other mental and physical health conditions.

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