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Angela is the Deputy Director of the newly established Scottish Learning Disabilities Observatory (SLDO). The SLDO was set up to “..robustly underpin health improvement and to address health inequalities..” for people with learning disabilities. Before coming to the SLDO Angela worked at the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability where she was Head of Policy and Research. Angela has a particular interest in the translation of evidence into policy and practice, which is key to her current role. In her work in this field Angela has been involved in the development and implementation of national learning disability health and social care policy and practice. She has particularly enjoyed the chance to work alongside people with learning disabilities and their families and has become a passionate advocate for inclusive practice.


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People with Down syndrome experience higher incidence of depression than other people with learning disabilities according to findings of systematic review

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People with learning disabilities have an increased risk of experiencing mental health problems but we need to understand more about the prevalence and presentation of these issues to help clinicians offering appropriate and effective treatments.

Here Angela Henderson looks at a systematic review of the literature on uni-polar depression in people with Down syndrome.

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Preventative healthcare – understanding uptake and barriers for people with learning disabilities

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We know that people with learning disabilities experience poor health and unequal access to healthcare but what about access to preventative healthcare measures?

Here, in her debut blog, Angela Henderson looks at a Canadian study, which looked at matched groups of people with and without learning disabilities to look at rates of uptake of regular health checks and participation in cancer screening as indicators of preventative healthcare.

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