Permanent tooth agenesis in Down syndrome

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This review included 13 observational studies involving 1080 patients demonstrating high prevalence and severity of tooth agenesis in Down syndrome individuals.

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Hypodontia: prevalence about 6% overall and higher in females


This review of observational studies identified 93 studies and estimates overall prevalence of hypodontia at 6.4% (95%CI; 5.7 to 7.2%) . Prevalence was higher in females and varies across continents.

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More dental anomalies in the permanent teeth of individuals born with oral clefts


This aim of this review was to identify if patients individuals born with non-syndromic oral clefts had a higher frequency of dental anomalies. Searches were conducted in Medline, BIREME, OVID all EBM Reviews, and the Cochrane Library. Papers reporting observational controlled studies of non-syndromic forms of oral clefts matched for dental anomalies in primary and/or [read the full story…]