By place or by case? Service reorganisation at South London and Maudsley


Sarah McDonald explores the findings of a mixed-methods evaluation of the effects of an organisational intervention on secondary mental health care for common mental disorder.

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Novel commissioning of NHS stop smoking services

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Caroline De Brun presents the results of a study looking at commissioning policies which support payment incentives to improve care and encourage innovation. This research examines the impact of the novel commissioning of NHS stop smoking services.

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Audit Commission publishes annual report on the Payment by Results data assurance programme


The Audit Commission’s Payments by Results (PbR) data assurance programme helps improve data quality in the NHS. For the past 5 years they have provided assurance over the quality of the data that underpins payments made under PbR. In 2011/12 they: Reviewed commissioner arrangements to secure good data quality on the information that underpins PbR [read the full story…]

Principles underlying payment by results can be used to commission personalised learning disability services


Payment by Results (PbR) was introduced into the NHS with the aim of improving efficiency and increasing  value for money. The approach uses a national tariff of agreed fixed prices reflecting average prices for procedures. In this article, the authors argue that given that outcome focused approaches to payment by results will be incrementally introduced [read the full story…]

Payment by results and personalisation may undermine each other, according to new report


There is a risk that the new national NHS systems for payment by results are being developed in ways that will clash with the delivery of personalisation, according to a new discussion document published this week by the National Development Team for Inclusion. The report describes how, if the aims of both the payment by [read the full story…]

Mental health commissioners and providers are not ready for payment by results, says new NHS review


The NHS Confederation Mental Health Network have a published a review that discusses the readiness of mental health commissioners and providers to start working under the new Payment By Results system from April 2012. The review involved speaking to more than 100 people from mental health trusts, commissioners, the independent sector, local authorities and national [read the full story…]

Department of Health publishes draft payment by results guidance

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David Flory, Deputy NHS Chief Executive, issued a letter today which provides information on plans for Payment by Results (PbR) in 2012-13. These plans include an expansion in the scope of PbR into areas such as adult mental health, and a further increase in the coverage of best practice tariffs. He also highlights the publication [read the full story…]

Payment by results will only work if NHS data quality improves: new Audit Commission report

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This new report from the Audit Commission says that the NHS needs to improve the quality of its data if the government is to expand its Payment by Results (PbR) system. The data for ‘non-tariff’ areas such as community services and chemotherapy was often of poor quality, and it is these areas that will be [read the full story…]

Department of Health publish a simple guide to payment by results

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Payment by Results (PbR) is the tariff based payment system that has transformed the way funding flows around the NHS in England. This short guide is an introduction to the subject and supersedes the guide published by the DH in September 2010. The basic facts about Payment by Results from the guide are: PbR is [read the full story…]

Government proposals for treating drug addicts are ‘doomed to failure’ according to new report

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The Centre for Policy Studies have published a report, which concludes that despite being well-intentioned, plans to introduce Payment by Results (PbR) trials are unlikely to succeed. The report by leading drugs analyst Kathy Gyngell claims that: New Labour’s approach to drug addiction – prescribing addicts with methadone in an attempt to reduce crime and [read the full story…]