Virtual reality for mental health: are there any freely available apps that show promise?


Imogen Bell summarises a recent review of virtual reality experiences as tools to support mental health therapy, which finds some freely available applications that may show promise for mental health.

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Staff did not always follow guidelines when reading multi sensory stories for people with profound and multiple disabilities

Communication Aid

Multi-sensory story telling is one way that adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities can make sense of who they are and what is happening in their day to day lives. The books used are individualised stories which, in addition to verbal text, also involve sensory stimulation. The approach is gaining in popularity, but as [read the full story…]

Multisensory storytelling did not result in high quality staff interactivity


Storytelling has a key role to play in a development and the extension of storytelling to people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD) as an individualised activity, has been increasingly undertaken emphasising the sensory experience and the potential for social interaction. The authors of this study appear generally positive to the approach, although the [read the full story…]