People who brush and floss regularly have less gum bleeding compared to toothbrushing alone

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The daily use of dental floss in addition to toothbrushing is frequently recommended for the prevention of caries and periodontal diseases. The aim of this Cochrane review was to assess the effects of flossing in addition to toothbrushing, as compared with toothbrushing alone, in the management of periodontal diseases and dental caries in adults. A [read the full story…]

Bacteraemia due to everyday oral activities

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The aim of this review was to investigate the robustness of the observations on the influence of oral hygiene, gingival and periodontal status on the development of bacteraemia from everyday oral activities (B-EOA), analysing its prevalence, duration, magnitude and bacterial diversity. The authors searched MEDLINE-PubMed, the Cochrane Library and Embase for studies on B-EOA. They [read the full story…]