Self-disgust, loneliness and depression: what’s the link?


Joseph Lam and Syeda Akther review a recent study that investigated the links between self-disgust, loneliness and depression, and the mediating role of emotion regulation.

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CBT may help to improve emotion regulation in children with autism


James Cusack from Autistica writes his debut elf blog on a new RCT of CBT to improve emotion regulation in children with autism, published recently in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

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Staff knowledge found to be predictor of positive approaches in managing challenging behaviour


We have posted previously of the role of attributions in the way support staff respond to challenging behaviour, with studies looking at inconsistencies in responses and the impact of specific attributions on helping behaviour The researchers in this Scottish based study were interested in exploring this further, and in particular looking at the extent to [read the full story…]