Pre-operative analgesia for patients with pulpitis improved anaesthetic success

Many drugs are licensed for use in Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), but it is unclear what works best.

16 RCTs involving 1900 patients were included in this review of pre-op analgesia for patients with pulpitis . The findings suggest that premedication with analgesics improves the success rate of local anaesthesia.

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Wealth of reliable evidence on efficacy of single dose oral analgesics


This overview includes 39 Cochrane reviews with data from around 460 studies and about 50,000 patients providing a wealth of reliable evidence on the analgesic efficacy of single dose oral analgesics.

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Treating pain in dementia reduces agitation and may help reduce unnecessary prescriptions of antipsychotics

shutterstock_16744399 worried old couple

Many people with dementia experience pain, but often find it difficult to communicate this to their carers and the pain is therefore manifested as agitation instead. A randomised controlled trial published in the British Medical Journal looks at a systematic approach to the treatment of pain, to see if it can reduce agitation in people with [read the full story…]