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Sue is a Senior Research Fellow at MindTech working on the implementation of new technologies for mental health. Sue’s background is in medical sociology and her PhD explored help-seeking in the event of psychological distress among people seeking help from their GP. She’s an experienced healthcare researcher who uses qualitative methods in studies that are testing new technologies. Whilst there’s a focus on factors that might affect implementation, Sue explores the experiences of healthcare staff and service users to understand how new technologies shape care more generally, including symbolic properties and unintended consequences. She also has an interest in inequality (including health inequalities) and digital exclusion. Sue used to be the lead for Patient and Public Involvement at MindTech, and champions meaningful service user involvement throughout the research process.


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Clinician-supported computerised CBT effective in US primary care, but what about digital exclusion?


In her debut blog, Sue Brown explores an RCT from the US, which finds that computerised CBT was effective at treating depression in primary care patients, and was also beneficial to those with lower educational attainment, reading proficiency and incomes.

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