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Steven is a Research Assistant working in the department of King’s Centre for Military Health Research, King’s College London. He is currently involved with participant recruitment for the Armed Services Trauma Rehabilitation Outcome Study (ADVANCE), investigating the long-term physical and psycho-social outcomes of battlefield casualties from the UK Armed Forces following deployment to Afghanistan between 2002 and 2014. Steven has a BSc in Psychology from the University of Derby and a MSc in Early Intervention in Psychosis from King’s College London. His MSc thesis was a systematic review of patients’ experiences of clozapine for treatment-resistant schizophrenia and was published in Schizophrenia Bulletin Open. Steven would be interested in topics including psychosis, military, technology/data for mental health.


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Virtual reality therapy for psychosis: positive patient experiences and few side effects


Steven Parkes considers a randomised controlled trial exploring the satisfaction and side effects of gameChange, a virtual reality intervention targeting anxiety in every day situations for patients with psychosis.

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