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Simon Leigh is a health economist working at Lifecode® Solutions and Nexus Clinical Analytics, and is a Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool Management School. Simon’s research to date has been centred around improving outcomes and achieving value for money in oncology, diabetes, urology, neonatology, obstetrics and mental health. With respect to the latter, Simon’s area of interest lies in the appraisal/quality control of mental health apps, and the development of high-quality apps designed to improve quality of life, primarily for those on NHS waiting lists for mental health services.


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Comparing applets and oranges: barriers to evidence-based practice for app-based psychological interventions


A repost of Simon Leigh’s excellent recent article in Evidence-Based Mental Health on the clear need for consensus and guidance for app developers, as to which patient-reported outcome measures should be used when developing mental health apps.

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No proof that 85% of mental health apps accredited by the NHS actually work


Health Economist Simon Leigh argues that the unregulated world of health apps brings cause for concern as well as celebration. Fear not though, he has some suggestions for what to look out for when downloading apps, which may help whilst you’re waiting for the regulators and accreditors to get their act together.

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