Paul Christiansen

Paul Christiansen
Paul is a Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. His broad research interests focus on automatic and controlled cognitive processes in addiction. He is particularly interested in self control and how the perception of being in certain states can influence someone’s ability to regulate their behaviour. He also works in Forensic Psychology, analysing the impact of interrogation techniques on interview yield. He has recently started tweeting about his work and other work in addiction (and beyond) (@ChristiansenLiv).


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New Cochrane review finds that NRT, bupropion and varenicline are effective treatments for smoking cessation

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Smoking is the main preventable cause of premature illness and death worldwide. Approximately 20% of deaths in men and 5% in woman over 30 can be attributed to smoking. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 6 million people die from smoking related disease each year, with tobacco being the number one risk factor for [read the full story…]

Treatment of excessive alcohol use in people with psychotic disorders: Non-intervention specific improvements

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The literature on the efficacy of psychological treatments for excessive drinking is vast, but investigations into effectiveness of these treatments in individuals with other clinical diagnoses are considerably more limited. A recent paper published in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica reviewed the effectiveness of manual guided treatments for excessive alcohol consumption in individuals with a psychotic disorder. [read the full story…]