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Marco Solmi, MD, Psychiatrist, PhD, is Assistant Professor of psychiatry at Neurosciences Department, University of Padua. His three main clinical areas of interest are prevention/early intervention in psychiatry, comorbidity between medical and mental disorders, and psychopharmacology. From a methodological standpoint, he is mostly interested in meta-research, ranging from systematic reviews, meta-analyses, network meta-analyses, to umbrella reviews, and also in real-world data. He works as a psychiatrist, and his research has the ultimate aim to answer clinically relevant questions to ultimately improve physical and mental health-care of subjects with or at risk of mental disorders. Marco has co-authored over 200 publications in peer-reviewed journals since 2014.


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How has the COVID-19 lockdown affected our mental health?


Marco Solmi and Samuele Cortese review a recent longitudinal study exploring the trajectories of anxiety and depression during the COVID-19 lockdown in England.

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Stay fit in response to COVID: simple recommendations and COH-FIT


Marco Solmi tells us about the importance of physical activity as people in the UK enter a second period of coronavirus lockdown.

He also introduces us to the huge international COH-FIT study, which will help us better understand how the pandemic is affecting people and what can help.

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