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Katherine is Senior Research Fellow in Disability Studies and Psychology at the Research Institute for Health and Social Change, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. She is also the mother of a young person who has been labelled with learning disabilities. Much of Katherine's research has focused on the lives of disabled children, young people and their families and she has published extensively in the area. Katherine is currently working with university and third sector partners on the Economic and Social Research Council Funded project: "Big Society? Disabled people with learning disabilities and civil society" (www.bigsocietydis.wordpress.com). The project broadly asks how people with learning disabilities are faring in a time of austerity.


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Living with chronic illness: psychosocial experiences

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People with learning disabilities are living longer and, as a result, are experiencing chronic illness. Here, Katherine Runswick Cole reflects on a review of the literature looking at the psychosocial impacts of living with chronic illness.

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Is intensive interaction effective?


Intensive interaction is an accepted approach to working with people with learning disabilities and/or autism, but how much do we know about its effectiveness?

Here, Katherine Runswick Cole looks at a review of literature that addresses this question.

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Advocacy support for parents with learning disabilities – is it cost effective?

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Around 7% of people with learning disabilities are parents, but they face significantly increased risks of being involved in care proceedings being more likely than other parents to lose the care of their children.

Here, in her Debut blog, Katherine Runswick-Cole looks at a study of the potential economic case for the provision of advocacy interventions to support parents with learning disabilities.

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