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Hilary has been a Lecturer in Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London since October 2022. Prior to that she was a research fellow at Middlesex University, working on applied projects relating to suicide in public places, including the factors that might lead people to choose a particular method. In 2021, Hilary was awarded her PhD from Middlesex University on the relationship between self-harm and alexithymia, a trait characterised by difficulties identifying and describing feelings and an externally-orientated thinking style. Before switching to an academic career, Hilary worked as a civil servant, leading work to support charities and social enterprises. Her interests include suicide, self-harm, alexithymia, interoception and mindfulness.


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What emotions do male prisoners experience prior to suicide and violence?


In this blog by Hilary Norman, she explores a new study on the emotions that male prisoners experience prior to suicide, self-harm or violence using a novel participatory visual method involving drawing their feelings.

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Alexithymia and suicide: can we find the right words to help each other?


Hilary Norman summarises a novel systematic review and meta-analysis, which explores the relationship between alexithymia and suicide ideation and behaviour.

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