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Dominic has a background in primary dental care having worked in private dental practice, community practice. He is now a clinical lecturer in adult oral health at Queen Mary, University of London. He holds an MSc from the University of Oxford in Evidence-Based Healthcare and is now a DPhil student at Oxford trying to understand how research knowledge might be encouraged to diffuse into general dental practice.


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Smokeless tobacco – do behavioural and pharmacological interventions help users quit?

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Dominic Hurst looks at the recent Cochrane review of interventions to help smokeless tobacco (ST) users quit. ST use is linked to oral cancer, precancer and periodontal disease, so dentists have an important role in encouraging users to quit.

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Full arch dental hybrid prosthesis and supporting dental implants – survival rates


Dominic Hurst comments on this new review that looks at short and long-term survival of implant supported full arch fixed dental hybrid prostheses. While shot-term survival rates look promising fewer studies are available to assess longer term outcomes.

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Immediate loading may increase dental implant failure compared to conventional loading


Dominic Hurst reports on a new systematic review comparing immediate implant loading protocols with conventional protocols that suggests greater risks of failure with immediate loading in contrast to a recent Cochrane review which found no difference.

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Partial removal of caries as effective as stepwise removal in deep cavities


There has been a lot of interest in how to best manage deep carious lesions to maintain pulp vitality. Different approaches have included the partial removal of caries only, stepwise removal and full removal. In the stepwise approach, caries is partially removed and the remainder sealed in for a period of 1-6 months. The lesion [read the full story…]