Single implant restorations – Immediate v non-immediate loading


This review of clinical outcomes for immediate and non-immediate (early or conventional) loading in single-implant restorations included 10 RCTs. All the included studies had follow up periods of 2 years or more although the number of implant failures was very low overall (11 out of 522) in both goups.

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Dental implants: Immediate, early or conventional loading?


This review looked at the efficacy of immediate loading versus early or conventional loading implants in patients rehabilitated with fixed prostheses. It included 39 RCTs suggesting little difference between the loading strategies.

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Immediate loading may increase dental implant failure compared to conventional loading


Dominic Hurst reports on a new systematic review comparing immediate implant loading protocols with conventional protocols that suggests greater risks of failure with immediate loading in contrast to a recent Cochrane review which found no difference.

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Review of dental implant loading within 24hours suggests no difference in annual failure rates compare to conventional loading


While the use of dental implants has become more routine there is still discussion around the most appropriate time for loading implants. The aim of this review was to compare annual failure rates and marginal bone level changes of implants loaded within 24 hours compared with conventional loading. Searches were conducted in Medline and the [read the full story…]