Alex Langford

Alex Langford
I am a psychiatrist (now an SpR) based in Oxford after 3 years working in South East London. Before I went into psychiatry, I used to be a general medical doctor, and I also have a BSc in psychology.


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Can assessing and acting on quality of life scores improve patient satisfaction? New study concludes yes, but the results actually say no


For mental health patients, quality of life (QoL) can include many things like self-esteem, autonomy, satisfaction with the care they’re receiving and the staff who are caring from them, reduced symptoms, minimal side-effects from treatment and good overall functioning. Measuring QoL can pick up on difficulties a patient is having that wouldn’t have otherwise come [read the full story…]

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) enhances response to antidepressants: a rather flawed meta-analysis

An image of a brain

It’s a well-known fact that elves are allergic to unhappiness, so the fact that there are at least 350 million sufferers of depression worldwide1 is quite a problem. That’s before we’ve even mentioned the crippling mortality, morbidity and economic impact that depression causes. The trouble is, our treatments for depression aren’t perfect. Less than a [read the full story…]