Trigeminal neuralgia: is botulinum toxin effective?

Behavioural signs such as grimacing, guarding, resistance to care, pacing/rocking etc will give clues to the fact that a person with dementia is in pain

Six small RCTs were included in this review. Findings suggest that botulinum toxin type A (BoTN-A) has a positive effect on post treatment pain. Hover the results should be interpreted cautiously as the quality of the evidence is limited and more high quality studies are needed.

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Very low quality evidence for the efficacy of most neurosurgical procedures for trigeminal neuralgia


The trigeminal nerve is the fifth cranial nerve and one of the largest in the head. It provides sensation to the face and  is called trigeminal because it splits into three main branches. When neuralgia (nerve pain) occurs in the trigeminal nerve it causes severe and sudden face pain. It has an incidence rate of [read the full story…]