An equal exchange? Practitioners’ accounts of social care assessment under the Care Act

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Tanya Moore considers a qualitative coproduced study of English practitioners’ accounts of social care assessment practices under the Care Act 2014.

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Women with learning disabilities perceive little or no control over their lives


Whilst there has been an increasing interest in developing measures of quality of life for people with learning disabilities, there has been little research looking specifically at the experiences of women with learning disabilities aged 40 years or older. This study set out to look at this specific group and to do this, worked with [read the full story…]

Nature of support is key in enabling self-determination of people with learning disabilities


Self determination is a key thrust of current learning disability policy and indeed sits at the heart of the personalisation agenda in adult social care. This study worked with 17 people with learning disabilities, using interviews to help gather information to help improve our understanding of what impact self determination was having on their lives. [read the full story…]