Nicotine without smoke: new RCP report on e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction


Debutant blogger and vaping activist Lorien Jollye presents a new tobacco harm reduction report from the Tobacco Advisory Group of the Royal College of Physicians.

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Exercise for life: Physical activity in health and disease

exercise for life

We Elves know that exercise is critical in the prevention of disease and evidence for the benefit of exercise in many forms of disease. This is highly relevant as our 5×50 worldwide exercise flash-mob challenge about to start on Friday 23rd November (see earlier post). Don’t forget to sign up for and join the Musculoskeletal [read the full story…]

What all doctors should know about managing drug and alcohol misuse


All postgraduate doctors across all specialties should be aware of this new consensus paper produced by a special working group of 13 medical Colleges and Faculties. The report presents the core competencies that all postgraduate specialist trainees should have in relation to managing drug and alcohol misuse. It’s well reported that substance misuse is a [read the full story…]