Arginine and caries prevention


7 RCTs were included in this review of the caries prevention effects of arginine containing dental products. They provide insufficient evidence to support a caries preventive effect for arginine in toothpaste.

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Arginine in combination with calcium bases and fluoride in toothpaste may be better than fluoride alone


Ten trials were included in this review of arginine in toothpaste. It found that arginine in combination with calcium bases (either Dical or calcium carbonate) and fluoride provided a superior effect compared with fluoride alone. However, 9 out of 10 of the trials were sponsored by a single company and the overall quality of the evidence was considered to be low.

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Little evidence for the diagnostic accuracy of new caries detection aids


Caries is one of our commonest diseases and increasing emphasis is being placed on identifying its earliest stages in order to employ effective interventions.   Visual examination and radiographs have been the traditional approaches to caries detection but newer adjunctive methods based on fiber-optics, fluorescence or electrical impedance have been developed and introduced during the past [read the full story…]

Visual examination still the best way of detecting early carious lesions

shutterstock_67512859 - dental examination

Yesterday we looked at the management of large carious lesions and today we are considering the other end of the caries process, the detection of the early or non-cavitated carious lesion (NCCLs).   With changes in the severity of dental disease in some population there has been more interest in the identification and management of the [read the full story…]