Bleeding after dental extraction: no evidence from randomised trials


This update of a 2016 Cochrane Oral Health Group review of interventions for post extraction bleeding was unable to identify any published or ongoing trials assessing interventions. Well conducted and reported randomised controlled trials are needed on this question.

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Preventing bleeding in patients with congenital bleeding disorders having dental surgery


This Cochrane review only identified 2 RCTs involving a total of 59 patients that show a beneficial effect of systemically administered tranexamic acid and epsilon aminocaproic acid in preventing postoperative bleeding in people with haemophilia undergoing dental extraction.

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Tooth extraction: no need to stop long-term aspirin before suggests review


This review considers whether patients on long-term aspirin therapy should stop aspirin before tooth extraction. The review found 10 studies (3 RCTs). No significant increase in bleeding time was found and although there was an increased risk of haemorrhage, the authors recommended not stopping aspirin therapy.

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acetylsalicylic acid for secondary prevention of cardiovascular events and post extraction haemorrhage

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In patients who use acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) for the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular events some dentists recommend suspending its use before dental procedures to reduce bleeding. However, this potentially increases the risk of thromboembolic events. The effect of ASA on the amount of bleeding that occurs during tooth extraction procedures is controversial, and [read the full story…]