Hidden from the world: Out of area hospital placements for people diagnosed with personality disorder #NoOOA


Andy Bell summarises a new BIGSPD report on out-of-area placements for people with a personality disorder published today, which confirms that discriminatory treatment of people diagnosed with personality disorders is costly both to the people concerned and their families and to the health and care system.

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In sight and in mind: improving mental health rehabilitation pathways #RehabPsych


André Tomlin summarises the recent CQC briefing on mental health rehabilitation inpatient services and sets the scene for the live expert webinar taking place at 12.30pm BST on Friday 1st June.

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Can audits of family contact for out of area placements inform improvements in practice?


Russell Woolgar summarises a study of family contact during out of area placements for patients in a specialist forensic intellectual disability service.

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High cost placements for people with learning disabilities and complex and challenging needs

Compass and map

People with learning disabilities who have complex and challenging needs may find themselves placed in specialist services, sometimes distant from family and local support networks, often at high cost to the commissioners.

Here Ruth Northway looks at the findings of a survey of commissioning teams in south east England reporting on the nature and costs of such placements.

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Limited evidence of commissioners redirecting resources to local service developments in the wake of Winterbourne View scandal


In the wake of the outcome of last week’s court proceedings involving support staff who worked at Winterbourne View hospital, there have been continuing calls to ensure that people with learning disabilities and complex needs are not placed far from home in isolated services, but receive local, skilled support. The Mansell report drew attention to [read the full story…]

Survey finds out of area placements of variable quality with a minority which underperform


The early 1990s saw the publication of the original Mansell report into services for people with challenging behaviour. This report highlighted the issue of the use of out of area placements to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities and suggested that the continued reliance on such placements would stunt the growth of local [read the full story…]

Families of people with learning disabilities in out of area placements feel uninvolved and concerned about lack of improvements


People with learning disabilities and complex needs can often find themselves in services far from their family homes, particularly the case if the person has a mental health problem. This study set out to find out the views of family members of those people who were being cared for in out-of-area psychiatric hospitals. The authors [read the full story…]